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Ahsa Aikido is a school dedicated to the development of the individual through the connections of mind, body, spirit and community. In anticipation of a new world and a new way of thinking, Ahsa Aikido offers training for the development of a new type of individual. Following the tradition of Moriehei Ueshiba, the founder of Aikido, Ahsa Aikido is dedicated to the establishment of harmonious and peaceful relationships between individuals and societies. This new way of thinking begins with the training of each person.

In the establishment of a well balanced society, the well balanced individual is essential. Ahsa Aikido offers a balancing of Mind, Body and Spirit. Aikido is the perfect discipline for creating this balance. Aikido offers the physical discipline required of today's active and productive person. In addition, Aikido teaches universal principles that can be applied to the daily situations of life. The development of the mind in intellectual and artistic areas is essential to the well-rounded person. The unique structure of Aikido discourages competition and encourages cooperation. Ahsa Aikido also emphasizes the "Yin" characteristic. Because the "yang" characteristic has been without balance for centuries, this new emphasis is what will characterize the new age.

Ahsa Aikido offers a variety of specialized training. These courses include: Children's Classes, Women's Classes, Meditation Classes, Healing and Body Work Classes and "The Sacred Journey" advanced training. These variety of classes take place in a variety of contexts including: Workshops, Campouts, Quests and Retreats.